Arena of Verona
Information about refund and issue of tickets

1. Issued tickets cannot be refunded. Reimbursement will only take place for the cases and under the conditions mentioned in point number 2 below.

Tickets are valid exclusively for the dates indicated on them; therefore we would kindly ask you to accurately check them immediately after purchase. If they are not used, it is not possible to change them for another performance on another day.

2. In the case of bad weather the performance will never be cancelled before the expected time of commencement.

If the weather conditions do not permit the regular execution of the performance, the Fondazione Arena reserves the right to delay the start of the opera for up to 150 minutes after the foreseen starting time, before deciding and communicating a possible cancellation of the performance.

Tickets will be refunded according to the following conditions: if the performance is cancelled before it has begun. If the performance is interrupted after it has begun, any right to a refund of the ticket will be lost.

In order to obtain a refund, tickets have to be handed into the Main Ticket Office of the Fondazione Arena as soon as the performance is cancelled, (i.e. on the same evening) or on the following day. Otherwise tickets will be refunded if they are mailed within 10 days of the cancelled event to the Head Office of the Arena di Verona Foundation at the following address:

Fondazione Arena di Verona
Piazza Bra 28
37121 Verona

3. Duplicates of tickets can never be issued.

4. All prices listed in the programme are inclusive of relative taxes.

5. The Arena di Verona Foundation reserves the right to change dates, schedules and/or programmes in the event of technical problems or problems caused by forces majeures.

6. You are not allowed to stay in the Ticket Office except for the time strictly required to purchase or to collect the tickets.

7. Spectators must be in possession of a ticket or an admission card and must show it to the ushers on request; spectators must occupy their assigned seat and behave appropriately during the performances.

If, on request, the spectator is without a ticket, he/she will be obliged to pay the price for a new ticket.

8. Children under the age of 4 are not admitted to the performances in the Arena.

According to the Italian law 675/96 on privacy,
the Arena di Verona Foundation guarantees the confidentiality of personal details
which are communicated at the time of ticket purchase or when informative material is forwarded on request.

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