Arena of Verona
Table of contents La Traviata

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi

During a brilliant party in the house of Violetta Valéry, the beautiful friend of Baron Duphol, the young Alfredo Germont at last makes her acquaintance and is able to express his love for her. Violetta gives him a camelia and promises to see him again, for she feels, for the first time, that she is truly in love.

Scene I
The two lovers have established themselves in a little country mansion outside Paris, happy and without a tought. Alfredo discovers that Violetta has sold some of her jewels to pay the expenses, and goes to Paris to find out some money himself. Meanwhile, his father Giorgio Germont arrives unexpected and pleads with Violetta to break off her affair with his son, for it is a dishonour for the family and impedes his daughter’s marriage. Violetta resignes herself to the sacrifice and leaves the cottage. Alfredo is convinced that she has left him to begin once again her old life and decides to revenge himself.
Scene II
Back in Paris at a Flora’s party, Alfredo meets Violetta in the company of Baron Duphol, from whom he wins a large sum of money. Concerned at the possible consequences of a quarrel between the two men, Violetta pleads with Alfredo to leave the room and (lying to him with great difficulty) refuses to follow him on the grounds that she has committed herself to Duphol. Blind with jealousy, the young man throws the money he had won at Violetta’s feet.

Since her health is undermined by consumption, Violetta lies in her bed. An unexpected comfort arrives in the form of a letter from Giorgio Germont, who tells that he has revealed their secret to his son. A little later Alfredo is once again in her arms to beg her pardon, and they dream happily about the future togheter. But it is late: Violetta has only the strenght to give a gift to Alfredo and say a few last words of love.

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